HorsePlay HP2

horseplayhp2logo-transparentHorse Guided Learning
Horse Assisted Education
Equine Guided Learning…

By any name, HorsePlayHP2
delivers immediate, sustainable transformation.

For organizations, teams, groups and individuals, we offer HorsePlay HP2 –unique and powerful experiential learning in Nature, with horses as learning partners and guides.  Simple hands-on activities engage a herd of gentle horses in partnership with humans to generate immediate transformation, profound learning, and sustainable skills  –supporting extraordinary professional/personal growth.

HorsePlay HP2 workshops are customized to unique needs, designed to be compatible with clients’ existing professional development programs.  Stand-alone workshops are available.  HorsePlay HP2 is ideally an immersion program with scheduled modules building sustainability based upon prior learning.  Content includes…

  • Leadership/Teamwork/Partnership
  • Strategy/Innovation
  • Diversity/Inclusion
  • Conflict Management/Interpersonal Relationships
  • Change & Transitions
  • Communication
  • Values:  Trust-Respect-Authenticity
  • Performance
  • Culture Enrichment

Clients include…

  • Global Manufacturers/Global Service Providers
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • University Business Schools
  • School Districts
  • Private Groups & Individuals

SKILLS DEVELOPMENT with horses demonstrably deepens & enhances learning.  Horses…
mirror what humans think & feel in the moment, so we learn extraordinary things about ourselves;
expand human capacity to be effective in daily life by heightening our awareness so that we tap fully into sensation & intuition to access more choices, and teaching us to focus on intention, behavior, communication;
offer a new dimension of power, wonder, beauty and freedom to our lives.

CONTENT is framed in Ground Work: no riding.  We engage in elegantly simple,  practical experiences, with horses and humans as our partners. Prior experience with horses is not required.  Learn any work-life skill in a deep way that endures.

WHY HORSES??  They have a lot to teach us.  Their 55 million years’ survival teaches us a great deal about thriving in ALL aspects of living.  They trust their senses, know their purpose, take clear action.  They exist as a team:  supporting survival, learning, play, developing SHARED leadership & responsibilityWe learn extraordinary things about OURSELVES.  Testimonials…

Credentials, Strategic Partnerships, HP2 Participants

Since 2009, Christina & Lynne have amassed over 2,500 hours of training in “Equine-Assisted Learning”  and related content, in addition to degrees and post-graduate study…  See Credentials…

Locations:  Wherever you need us to be!