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Your Success is Our Legacy.  Since 1990, PITTS – ALDRICH ASSOCIATES excels in exceptional coaching and consulting to support people, organizations and communities to achieve & sustain excellenceWe provide new perspectives, practical interventions and creative solutions Inspired to “Make a Difference,” we thrive on the challenge to continually innovate for excellence.

Our professional team brings a collective of vast and varied experience and expertise to all engagements, with unbridled enthusiasm and commitment to highest quality product and services, customized to fit the unique needs of each client.


HorsePlay HP2 –  Equine Guided Learning Shifts the Paradigm to Nature & Horses as Teachers

horseplayhp2logo-transparentHuman Potential Horse-Powered™ (HP2) A unique and powerful experiential learning opportunity –for organizations, teams/other groups, and individuals– to enhance professional and personal skills in Nature, with Horses as guides. Learn more >

HorsePlay HP2 Workshops Build Capacity

While each workshop is specifically tailored to the unique needs of each client, in general they deepen awareness and build essential skills to achieve exceptional results through quality relationships. Participants transfer learning from the pasture to the workplace and daily life through simple activities, effective learning aids, and personal action plans leveraging practical, sustainable skills to optimize potential.

HorsePlay HP2 TM
· Leadership Capacity
· Team Cohesion & Achievement
· Emotional-Social Intelligence
· Vital Relationships
· Individual Capacity

· Awareness, Authenticity, Integration
· Inclusion & Self-Esteem
· Optimal Communication
· Creativity through Experimentation
· Innovative Partnerships