About Us

Vision     A Legacy of Exceptional Contribution

Colleagues at PITTS – ALDRICH ASSOCIATES share the vision: A Legacy of Exceptional Contribution. Highest Quality and Value-Added are minimal standards for our work. We seek to enable our clients -individuals and organizations alike– to become their own masters in pursuit of excellence. In so doing, we leave behind our imprint: exceptional service, exceptional value, exceptional partnership. Your enduring excellence is our legacy.

Mission     Inspire the Power of One to Greatness

Guided by a commitment to Make a Difference, and through our experience, expertise, and continuous self-learning, we challenge our clients –individuals, teams, organizations– to aspire to greatness, exceeding their own expectations as citizens of the world community.


  • Embody INTEGRITY by holding ourselves accountable, honoring our commitments, and abiding by highest business and personal ethics
  • Demonstrate COURAGE to challenge, to innovate, to support in our effort to produce the BEST product for our Clients
  • Apply individual and collective WISDOM, appropriately leveraging talents, knowledge and experience while understanding our limitations
  • Practice PATIENCE as we partner with our clients to enable learning and growth through deliberate, well-conceived processes
  • Seek PROSPERITY as the well-being of the whole… for our clients and their stakeholders, for our communities, and for ourselves.