Professional Development, Performance Enhancement, On-Boarding, Personal Growth  –for Individuals, Teams, Groups

Consulting & Facilitation

Leadership & Team Development: Optimizing Effectiveness as Leaders, Team Members, Individual Performers, and more...

Performance:  Strategic Thinking & Planning, Leading/Managing Change & Transitions, Culture Enrichment, Diversity/Inclusion, Succession, and more…

Facilitation:  We’re masters at facilitating any group gathering, from 2-200+ people, in any setting.

Our Strategic Roles

  • Strategic Partner:  We embrace collaboration, through shared vision and leveraging diverse talents/perspectives to achieve desired results.
  • Content Expert:  We provide consistently-superb product/services, diligently expanding and refining skills and knowledge in our selected areas of expertise.
  • Performance Champion:  Our products and services derive from an appreciation for “whole system” functionality and relationships to enhance individual, team and organizational performance.
  • Transformation Agent:  Through our customized consulting, coaching, facilitation and other interventions, we promote and enhance our Clients’ ongoing pursuit of learning and growth.
  • Exemplary Citizen:  We support our Clients as they shift from internal focus to external value rippling through local, regional, national and global communities.

10 Mandates

In every engagement, PAA is guided at a minimum by these 10 mandates:

  • ensure continuous alignment of client-consultant expectations
  • create synergistic partnerships
  • present the best creative & critical thinking
  • test paradigms & perspectives to enable success
  • offer innovative, cost-effective, unique options
  • enable effective problem-solving & informed decision-making
  • effectively manage conflicting challenges of expectations, goals, deadlines & costs
  • respond flexibly to change
  • deliver exceptional product & services timely and within budget
  • develop leaders who will perpetuate “the process”