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Brown Paper Bag

Brown Paper BagA novel by Christina Pitts writing as Cristina Isaia. A journey through middle years in an ordinary life, expressed in stories, letters and poems.

There’s something here for everyone in simple, clear language that gently draws you in: adventure and discovery, loss and grief, renewal and joy—these  stories are your stories.

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The Phoenix Challenge: Rising to Fulfillment

Discover Your Inner StrengthIn Discover Your Inner Strength, along with notable authors Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy.

A catalyst for individuals & organizations to rediscover, redefine, begin to find power and inner strength to achieve fulfillment in times of crisis.

Speaking Engagements and Workshops to help individuals, teams, organizations thrive in challenge are available! Profit/nonprofit enterprises, associations, civic groups, students: discover your inner strength – take the Phoenix Challenge! Rise to fulfillment! Contact us for speaking engagements and workshops.



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