Connie & Gloria – Center for Education of Women – University of Michigan  What a wonderful, memorable workshop.  Thank you for your patient explanation of horse communication, encouragement to observe and reflect, and introduction to some very helpful principles for leadership and life.  The lessons learned were invaluable and the applicability at our staff meeting on goal setting could not have been more timely.

Gerard – Hospital CEO  This leadership workshop clearly exceeded our expectations  –beyond the boundaries of our imagination!  This was more than a unique setting, with horses in a pasture. The herd actually taught us leadership influence and team cohesion principles.  The result for the executive team was honest, transparent, meaningful discussions based on our horse-learning…  We have the exceptional talents and re-energized motivation to go ‘back to the barn’ and continue to drive excellence in everything we do… Our learning with the horses was exhilarating, powerful and unique. We discovered different ways to develop and expand our ‘high performance’ capacity and cohesiveness, and our learning from the workshop continues to support this team. Thank you for an extraordinary retreat.  First Class!

Elana – Nonprofit CEO  Candidly, we didn’t know how you’d manage to connect the horses to our daily work as leaders in the organization.  We thought it would be simply a great break from the hard work of the past months, and a fun day.   We were amazed how consistent and thorough you were in helping us to translate our “horse-learning” to our work… We didn’t realize we’d learn so much about ourselves and our team!  It was awesome, payback beyond our wildest expectations.  I’m now calling our Executive Team Meetings “Herd Gatherings.”  Certainly more practice to follow.

Karen –  Trainer Affiliate, Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship,  University of Michigan Ross School of Business  I was drawn to this course by the facilitator, Christina Pitts, and by the idea that we could learn from horses, more ancient than humans, able to mirror our intents and behaviors.  That horses do not judge what they find in our souls, and want to relate to us when we are honest and congruent appealed to me. We drew our first horse partner from a card deck and I picked a magnificent white stallion.  The card, “Seeking Direction”, reminded me that I should be intentional about following my passion.  When asked to reflect on what my intention was, it was for the horses to come to me.  I was pleased when the leaders of the herd came to me first.  Interacting with the splendid horses helped me realize that I should do this more with clients.  Not everyone is ready to undertake a change journey and intentionally slowing down to build trust is essential.  Thank you for the insights and the opportunity!

Tim – CEO Manufacturing  The program was really awesome.  If you can convince your participates to open themselves to the possibilities, I cannot see how anyone could not walk away from the experience a different person.  I found the program to be well organized from the amount of time and the conclusion or wrap up session to discuss how each person found there experience.

I can continue to think about your practices Less=More, Slow=Fast, etc, etc.  These are all great lessons. To me, what is it that I will do differently to improve how I am perceived?  By doing this “something different” will I be able to make a difference with someone else, be more effective, or simply improve myself.  What a thought that is!  I still like the “mirror” for the analogy of my day with you.  I was able to see how others perceive me.

I truly hope that you can find those people that want to open themselves up to experiencing a rare and precious gift that you are offering.

Amy – OD Professional – Healthcare  It is 4 months later, and I continue to work with Peace, Ability, Managing My Energy as the key learnings from my remarkable experience.  Thank you.

Sydney – Executive Coach & Organization Development Consultant  I play nice too often and when I get pushed too far, I get angry.  With Cherokee I learned how to stand my ground and show my intent in a way that was both firm and resonant.  I also learned that standing up to clients at work or strong bosses can be done in a way that keeps me present and solid while at the same time with peace and harmony.  It is a wonderful combination and without the horses I don’t think I ever would have had that revelation.

Laurie – Consultant The most interesting discovery was how my energy affects others (and not just the horses) and how others respond to what I’m putting off energy-wise.  The link between my intentions and my energy was key, and working with the horses allowed me to discover this in a judgment-free environment.  This has been both an “aha moment” and catalyst for me in terms of my leadership style.

I really enjoyed the bite size lessons and found them to help tremendously with retention.  It was so impactful that I borrowed the concept for a workshop that I recently designed.  Somehow these nuggets of wisdom were clearer when working with the horses as there was no judgment involved.

Working with a horse seemed to trigger a different part of my brain, outside of my comfort zone where learning occurs.  It also helped to activate my emotional aspect and allowed me to practice following my heart.

The experiential aspect of this workshop is so much more effective than traditional methods, creating a stimulating and memorable learning environment.  I’ve got innumerable hours invested in coaching and personal/professional development experiences, yet none have been as impactful and rewarding.

Ron – Manufacturing Distribution  I was struck by your knowledge, respect, and your love of the horses. Seeing all of that and then thinking back on every one of our interactions together over the years was an “aha!” for me last night. This has been PAA all along. You just found away for more of us to get it. The application for HorsePlay is broader than the biz community, that’s for sure.

This was learning in a creative way and in an unforgettable classroom, with what may well be the most beautiful teaching assistants on earth.  [PAA is] awesome; your vocation has become a work of art.

Ruthanne – Pastoral Care – Senior Living Community  This experience gave me tremendous insight in how I lead (either goal or relationship driven but rarely both together).  Amazing insight from a three hour workshop.

Sandy – Nursing  To find symmetry with a horse, one finds complete authentic balance. The horse provides a mirror image to our feelings and emotions and watching the horse’s movements is the return language we are communicating.  Lynne, Christina and Pat provide a background of information for each “student” to approach the horse as an “experience partner” and   allow each student to explore with their chosen horse to find their individual special place of authentic feelings to begin to work on a personal topic and find clarity. Very powerful workshop!


  • A magical and moving experience connecting with such magnificent, stately & noble creatures in a very gratifying way.
  • Learning in a totally foreign environment –in Nature, at a Barn, with Horses– required me to open up & break down my barriers to learning with others.
  • My learning has become part of my DNA. I really “get it” with horses teaching me!
  • The horses showed me a common thread for leading others: regardless of role, seniority, culture, knowledge, talents, treat everyone with respect and patience, and the results will be awesome!
  • I valued my time with the human herd, each of whom offered wisdom, thoughtful reflection and clarity. Their contribution amplified and enriched the workshop.
  • I was reminded of how much I appreciate the perspectives of others.
  • HorsePlayPAA offered me a chance to detach from cell phones, emails and other interruptions to spend time reconnecting with nature, animals and humans in a dynamic & productive, yet introspective, fashion.
  • I came to the workshop without any expectations.  I left the workshop filled with an inner peace and appreciation for the special bond a horse can have in human’s life.
  • Extraordinary!  I found myself so focused on the experience that I finally realized I was totally present in the “moment” and not thinking about ANYTHING else but NOW.
  • Being with the horses and open-minded humans gave me a profound sense of well-being.
  • I’m amazed at the horses’ willingness, eagerness, gentleness, openness to allow me to connect with them and bring me into their herd.