Conflict Management: Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions + TKI Assessment

We facilitated a 3-day leadership conference in California for a client with locations throughout the West.  Leaders are thirsty to develop their skills in managing the “drama” that goes on daily  –from the front line to the mid-level; upward to the corporate offices.  Conflict around interpretation of values, best methods to achieve business results, interpreting information, and more.

Many admit to avoiding conflict, trusting that in the long run things will work out.  I know the feeling. I was pretty good at avoiding myself, until I realized that the problem nibbled constantly at my ankles and psyche.  If I wanted to be effective, then I needed to reframe my view of conflict.

Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of Team really crystallized it for me.  Now we use this very simple and powerful model to build optimal team performance.  Conflict is an ally; a tool for growth:  business results and personal mastery.

And the Thomas-Killman Confict Mode Instrument is a “keep it short and simple” tool to help people understand that they can CHOOSE how to engage in conflict depending on the situation and the relationship. Choices…  It’s liberating to know I don’t have to stay stuck in one behavior that doesn’t serve every situation/relationship.  (See “Our Work” posts – 5 Practices:  Pause-Reflect-Choose and 5 Practices: Be Present.)