Recently led a breakout session at a client association’s annual conference in Chicago.  70+ people, SRO (some lingered in the hallway) to learn about “5 Practices to Optimize Leadership Success – Lessons from the World of Horses.”

Participants deeply engaged; asked tough, challenging questions.  Memorable:  How do I slow others down…  board, boss, staff? Answer:  Slow yourself, and as others see it work, they will adopt.

It all boils down to:  Who am I authentically? If I’m yearning for simplicity, slower pace, small ways to achieve big wins; wanting to manage my energy and be fully present, then why do I allow others to shift those values in me?  If I’m committed, then I need to match my behavior with my commitment.

Be Authentic, eh?  There are infinite possibilities for standing my ground in a respectful, effective manner.  Chances are there a zillion others out there who want the same, and you can be the Role Model.