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5 Practices: Pause-Reflect-Choose

State of body/mind determines performance.

Pause-Reflect-Choose is about managing my energy (physical, emotional, psychic, brain) to achieve optimal relationship-results.  When we PA– USE (and breathe deeply), we slow and calm energy/brain activity. (Try it now; breathe deep & slow.  What happens in your body?  Your mind?)  The PA– USE presents OPPORTUNITY to expand AWARENESS and consciousness, so that we “see” the situation in its many aspects  –not just our reactive view.  As we see more POSSIBILITIES for response, we REFLECT on intent:  What is it I want/need from this situation?  What possibilities align with my intent?  We give ourselves the gift of CHOICE to adopt the attitude, behavior, action (body signals /tone/words) to match intent.  Pause-Reflect-Choose enables integration of body/mind/heart so that we move in the world with AUTHENTICITY, projecting our energy in the way that optimizes relationship-results.