5 Practices: Slow = Fast

This is about PACE.  Slow down to open space for POSSIBILITIES, NOTICING, OPTIONS. B-r-e-a-t-h-e. The situation changes with a deep breath…  because we physically/emotionally change, slowing our brains in order to process ALL of the information that’s there…  not just our “reactive stories.” American business/life is jam-packed with rushed busy-ness. We’re Ready-Fire-Aim, “solving” everything before we know what’s FULLY happening. It’s about “Stop to smell the roses.”  Hare-Tortoise.  Seeing thru others’ eyes.  IF we SLOW enough to take in all that’s possible, then we move FAST to the OPTIMUM RESULT. Practice this & a miraculous new world of possibility/options opens up, in relationships, decisions, actions, work.  Check out Theory U at our post Optimizing Human PotentialAmazing how little practices have a HUGE IMPACT.

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