Optimize5© – Sustainable Learning from HP2 Herds

TT cover graphicHere’s an example of a client who’s experienced our work as consultants, bringing HorsePlayHP2 and Optimize5© from the paddock to the conference room: Thrift Town Winter 2014.

In 2011 50+ Leaders gathered for the tri-annual strategy/leadership conference, seeking continuous improvement and skills-building. Today they continue to “trot the talk” of their learning, practicing daily the behaviors that optimize potential.  Standing ovation for ThriftTown!  And gratitude to the Trio for naming the practices Optimize5©!

Op5 BackOp5 Front 2

For the DTE Team, the mantra is CLARITY, which they can only achieve by practicing Optimize5© .  I visited the team recently as a follow up to a workshop.  They were intentional in every discussion with others:  “Let’s slow down a minute.”  “I’m following you; I get what you’re saying.”  “I need to pause and reflect…”  “Keep it simple, guys.”  “Hey, a small effort now will have a big payoff later!”