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Rosie’s Story

Rosie’s Story At the close of our 1st program of study in Dec ’09, we decided to honor Jackie Lowe Stevenson, our faculty for Experiential Learning with Horses http://www.spirit-of-leadership.com/ by sponsoring a horse at a “rescue ranch.”

We discovered Horses’ Haven www.horseshaven.org, which passed our inspection as a beautiful & nurturing environment  –acres of woods-surrounded paddocks; grounds & barns pristine; highly-organized care & feeding.

Among the many magnificent horses, we chose Rosie because she touched 2 important life-journey waypoints:  same red coat & breed as Rojo, the wise Grandmother horse at Jackie’s Pebble Ledge Ranch; same name as my Mother, Rosina.

Horse Rescue-Sponsorship We’re among many sponsoring Care-Feeding-R & R for Rosie at Horses’ Haven.  She, and other horses (as well as donkeys, burros, goats & pigs!), live healthy & happy lives.  Someday we hope to adopt Rosie.  Visit Horses’ Haven.  Volunteer!  Sponsor-Foster-Adopt! www.horseshaven.org