At the Michigan Nonprofit Association SuperConference a few years ago we were invited to lead a breakout session on Diversity/Inclusion. Rave reviews for the practical learning, which keeps us inspired to continue the work.

The predominant discussion  –and we’re seeing this play out more and more: gender gap differences in communicating.  Phone conversations are disappearing; a meeting  nearly impossible. Instead, the preferred mode is a flurry of email-text exchanges that contain only bits and bytes of information, and often mislead and confuse.  Not to mention that they’re typically written in haste, and while multi-tasking, which means divided attention.

There’s no conversation to fill in the blanks, clarify meaning, enrich context with nuances of voice and mannerisms, emphasize intent.


Instead of saving time, the email/text flurry takes more time in attempts to “get clear,” and in the end all we have is a relationship with a keyboard!

When you seek PAA to explore infinite possibilities of partnering for your success, don’t be surprised when we ask: “May we set a date to meet?”  or “Let’s have a phone conversation.”

PS – Curious:  How effective is communication (and getting optimal results!) in your workplace?????