Reading List

Below are readingsHorse Reading that offer a variety of perspectives and experiences to build understanding about the unique methodology of “horse-guided learning.”  HorsePlay HP2 workshops are specifically-designed to meet each client’s specific needs. CLICK on the link to download the file.  Questions?  Contact us!

Horse-Guided Learning Experience
Why Horses
Equine-Assisted Experiential Learning
HorsePlay Teaching Life Skills
Horse Tales Learning from HorsePlay
Horse Safety & Communication
HP2 Value Proposition

Leaders & Teams
Managing by Design for Innovation
Leadership Has Gone to the Horses
Horse Leadership at Berkeley
Leadership at Stanford Red Barn
Leadership Lessons from the Saddle – HBR
Wooden Pyramid – Personal Success & Leadership

Culture, Strategy, Structure
Horsemanship @ Stanford Medical School
1700 CEOs IBM Survey 2012
Emotional-Social Intelligence
Appreciative-Intentional Inquiry
Humble Inquiry

Miscellaneous Articles
Year of the Horse 2014
It Takes a Horse